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Flow Through Any Difficult Emotion

I’ve just completed this seven day online yoga programme called ‘Flow Through Any Difficult Emotion’ led by Jo Tastula.

Seven days, seven classes, seven emotions to tackle through yoga practice.

We all have our own unique ways to deal with emotions such as anger, sadness or anxiety, but more often than not we don’t even allow ourselves to attend to these emotions. We ignore them, we neglect them, we push them away; sometimes we even berate ourselves for experiencing negative emotions. But as an old saying goes ‘what you resist persists!’.

Yoga teaches us to welcome difficult and unpleasant feelings; to be with them without trying to change them, make them better, or resolve them. As we move through our practice, we should learn to let these feeling arise, allowing them to be what they are without analysing or judging. If we manage to do so, if stay open without an urge to react, we become more accepting towards ourselves as well as others. 

My favourite quote from the programme: ‘You are capable of holding yourself; and you’re the best person to do it. Nothing that comes from inside is ever going to be too much.’

And as Max Strom says: ‘Happiness is a choice. It’s getting a handle on our emotions within a situation, remembering that circumstances are often beyond our control, but our emotions are our own. We only need to practice our state of mind; that’s beginning of happiness.’

“Yoga does not change the way we see things; it transforms the person who sees.” B K S Iyengar