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New Class Starting

I started teaching regular yoga classes back in January 2018 so only 6 months ago and yet, it feels much longer than that. Not because I’m such a wonderful teacher who turns up for a class and makes up a sequence there and then, adding some bits of wisdom between poses, but because teaching yoga feels natural and I very much enjoy it.

I love the space where I have been teaching for the past half a year – a small yoga studio in the heart of Bourne End in Buckinghamshire - and I have managed to acquire a small group of regular students, some of whom have been coming from day one while others joined just a few weeks ago.

I still put a lot of time and effort into preparation of each class, but it does pay off. Sitting and talking in front of a number of people who have paid to be there with me does no longer feel intimidating but exhilarating. I do admit, some classes have a better feel to them and I leave, feeling completely satisfied, and then there are classes, after which I do wonder why I have ever taken up teaching at all. But yoga is a life-long journey and the same can be said about teaching it. I continue to be a diligent student myself and I always make sure that I have things to share with my students to whom I’m eternally grateful for supporting me in my quest and my dream to be a good (enough) teacher.

I have been thinking about setting up another class for a while now, but there is much more to it than just finding the right venue and attracting enough students. Many newly qualified yoga teachers start by covering for other teachers in their local gyms or even yoga studios if they are lucky, hoping to be given a regular class to teach one day.

I have covered for other teachers myself, which has been invaluable experience, and to my utter delight I have just agreed to take on maternity cover for the lovely Yogi Julie.

As of 21st June 2018, I will be teaching another regular class every Thursday from 18.30 to 20.00 in Micklefield Library, Micklefield Road, High Wycombe, HP13 7HU. Please come and join me!

“Yoga does not change the way we see things; it transforms the person who sees.” B K S Iyengar